Freelance consultant & project manager

Welcome to my website! I am Daan van Kassel, a freelancer working on (temporary) analysis, consulting and project management assignments for impact investors, micro finance institutions and social businesses that target entrepreneurs and small businesses in developing countries.

Some example clients:

  • Solar Works!, a pay-as-you-go solar system provider that is market leader in Mozambique.
  • Financial Access, a financial services advisory firm and investor active in emerging markets and developing countries.
  • Pymwymic, an investor’s community and themed private equity impact investor.

Interested? Feel very much invited to contact me directly:

+31 6 148 64 514



My company is called Neovum, which is an amalgamation of ‘neo’; a very detailed artificial language created with the intention to uniformize and simplify international communication, and ‘Novum’; meaning ‘new thing’ in Latin. I chose this name because I believe in:

  • building strategies via thorough analysis to bring complex looking issues back to their simple core
  • listening to stakeholders and openly communicating with them, to leverage interests and establish new partnerships and new (forms of) cooperation(s)
  • the use of innovative (data) insights and technologies to effectuate (data-driven) business models and accelerate change.

With this conviction, I hope to contribute to your organization, and together amplify your business and impact.


My skills:

  • Getting things done
  • Investments / M&A / Financial modelling
  • Process optimization / Operational design
  • Software implementations / Project management
  • Entrepreneurship / Greenfields / Repositioning / Business development
  • Credit analysis / Credit scoring
  • Industry analysis / Commercial due diligence
  • KPI implementations / Management dashboard design

For a one-page overview of my background, download my cv

I have experience with:

  • Startups, SMEs, corporate organizations, NGOs and governmental organizations
  • International and intercultural teams
    (ao in Europe, East-Africa, Indonesia and Guatemala)
  • Working in English, Spanish and Dutch
  • Fintech, banking, microfinance, (impact) investing, micro leasing and private equity, business development, recruitment, IT and research focused teams
  • Advanced Excel (VBA basics), Slack, Bloomberg, SPSS, Eviews, Google Adwords, WordPress, Mailchimp, Linkedin Premium, Prezi, Adobe Suite, SQL (basics) and various CBS and CRM systems.

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